The Blind Pig

5 players. 60 minutes.

Not wheelchair accessible.

The Blind Pig came together spectacularly. The puzzles, interactions, and reveals made it a ton of fun... few escape rooms have felt as satisfying to play through as The Blind Pig.

An Opportunity To PRove Yourself…. Or you’ll be sleeping with the Fishes.

You and your group took the leap and accepted a mysterious job interview with the notorious gangster known only as “M”.

She’s looking for some new brains in her operation, but you’ll have to prove your keep to gain access to her inner circle.

She’s tasked you with finding her hideout - but only the most clever are able to decipher the puzzles left behind by M.

Seems simple enough until she tells you, “Those that fail the test have a way of disappearing. Many already have.”


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