High Noon

4-12 Players. 4 player minimum.

***Important: This room can be played competitively or cooperatively. If a group chooses to play competitively, players will be split into two teams and compete in the same space. Due to the nature of a competition room, this room books privately. Teams of 4 or more will not play with strangers.

A race against the clock in a traditional escape room is adrenaline packed… but sometimes you need a jolt of just a little more excitement. A showdown with your team, competing head to head to see who is best, is what High Noon is all about. We think you’re going to love this twist on escape rooms.
— Lee Wilson, MER Owner

Due to the rise in crime in our dusty old Wild West town the sheriff has been forced to deputize citizens to fight back against marauders, horse thieves, and vandals of every stripe.

However, he’s knows better than to deputize just anybody who walks in the door — if you want the job, you’ll have to walk back out the door before the competition to receive your badge.

Two teams will enter — one team leaves with a job to do and the authority to do it. You already know it, but the showdown begins at High Noon.


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