Apartment A

2-4 players. 60 minutes.

We emerged from this escape room happy that we had played it, both as escape room players and humans who felt like Adam must have been a pretty special guy to have inspired this game in his friends.
— EscapeRoomsArtist.com

This room is dedicated to our dear friend and co-worker Adam Love who passed away unexpectedly in 2017.

Adam loved escape rooms and we could think of no better way to honor him than creating this room.

In a traditional escape room the story or theme would carry the flow of the room. However, we took it upon ourselves to simply create a permanent space in Murfreesboro Escape Rooms filled with puzzles that focus around the things he was passionate about; namely cooking, photography and board games.

In Adam's honor we challenge you and your team to a fun family-oriented challenge, an escape room inspired by a great friend designed to deepen the friendships of all who play Apartment A.

Apartment A -- Room Graphic.JPG

Additionally, part of every ticket purchased for this room will go to a non-profit that the Love family has selected. This year the Loves have selected a campaign to raise awareness for the dangers of Drowsy Driving, which took Adam from us all way too soon.


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