Q: What is an escape room?

A: Escape rooms are timed, room-size puzzles built around a certain story or theme. Come with a team or just a few close friends to challenge yourselves and see if you can outsmart our puzzle master!

Q: How much is it to play?

A: Our rooms are $26 per person to play and you have 60 minutes in the room -- but hopefully you don't need them all.

Q: Can I reserve a room for just my group?

A: Absolutely! You can definitely reserve a room for just your group! When reserving a private room during regular business hours, be sure to book it as a "private room" so that other spots won’t get filled by people you don’t know. Having a private room allows you to bring the maximum occupancy of the room at no additional future cost, but you would need to pay for additional spots if your group goes over maximum capacity.

Q: My group of friends is a little larger than the max capacity of the room we want to play, is it possible to make that work?

A: It really depends on the room and the group. Please contact us through our email form or feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help figure it out!

Q: Can I book a room for my work group, class, or for a birthday party during the daytime?

A: Of course! It is $50 per room to open for private events and then the per person cost of the room played ($26 per person). Email our Director of Operations at contact@murfreesboroescaperooms.com to set up specific arrangements.

Q: I have children younger than 12 years old; can they play a Murfreesboro Escape Room?

A: We have had children of all ages come and enjoy our rooms just as much (maybe more!) as many of the adults that have played our rooms. We just ask that children 12 and under be accompanied by an adult in the room.

Q: Are your escape rooms hard?

A: Each of our rooms is designed to be a challenge, but they are not unbeatable! Every room is solvable if you work as a team, and we give you a handy clue buzzer in case you ever get stumped. If this is your first ever visit to Murfreesboro Escape Rooms, try Dinner for Two or Apartment A. We really think you’ll like them.

Q: Are your rooms scary?

A: No, not really. We try our best to make our rooms inviting and exciting to be in. Nothing will jump out to scare you.

Q: Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?

A: We currently have two rooms that are wheelchair accessible — Dinner for Two and Skinner's Box. Please contact us with any questions about the accessibility of our rooms. We're here to help!

Q: Am I going to feel claustrophobic?

A: Doubtful. Every room is comfortable, and you have access to an emergency exit key if you need to get out for any reason.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We require 24 hours notice in order to move or cancel your reservation. All cancellations made inside of 24 hours will be offered a voucher, but will not receive their money back. Groups that have pre-paid for part of their experience but not all will have the card on file charged to the number of players on the reservation.

Q: Can I walk up and pay with cash or do I need to book online?

A: We have a no cash policy. All of our bookings are made online through our easy-to-use booking system. Just click on the room you want to play, the day, the time, tell us who you are, and you're all set! Be sure to check your confirmation email for directions! You can also call in advance to make a booking if you are unable to book through the website.

Q: How early do I need to show up?

A: We ask that you show up at least 15 minutes early to check in and fill out your release forms. You can also fill them out online before you get here to help speed things up. The link to our release form is included in your confirmation email.

Q: I'm having trouble accessing/sending the release form in my confirmation email, what should I do?

A: Try following this dedicated link: https://murfreesboroescaperooms.escapegamesglobal.com/date. It should also be easier for you to send out to other players in your group.

Q: I have filled out the release form with you before. Do I need to fill out another one for a different room?

A: Sadly, yes you do. Our release forms are specific to each room so we need you to fill out one for every room you play. (We wish it could be another away #butinsurance).

Q: I'm booking a room for my child's birthday. Is there a way for me to watch while they play?

A: Sorry, our control room is already really packed and adding another person would make it too difficult to navigate in and out. You're welcome to sit in on the room if you book a spot though!

Q: The website says that the suggested number of players in a room is _____. Can we still play if we don't have that many?

A: Absolutely! Our recommended number is the amount of people we think would be ideal for solving all of our clues and making it out with time to spare. Feel free to bring a smaller group, but be aware that any unbooked spots may get booked by some soon to be new friends!

Q: Do I need to pay for my small child to play?

A: If you have booked a room as a private experience, children 5 & under play for free. If it is not a private experience, you will need to pay for any children that may be joining you in your play.

Q: If I am bringing a group of kids (ages 15 & under) to play a Murfreesboro Escape Room. Is it ok for them to play by themselves?

A: It is ok for them to play a room by themselves, but we do ask that an adult be on the premises of Murfreesboro Escape Rooms for the duration of their play.

Q: Can I drink alcohol, vape, or chew tobacco in the room?

A: Unfortunately, no alcohol or tobacco is allowed in the rooms.

Q: I guess my question is not asked very frequently, how can get my question answered?

A: Jump over to the Contact Us page and reach out -- we would love to help answer any questions you have!