Skinner's Box

4-12 players. 4 player minimum.

Groups begin room divided into smaller teams.


"Sit back down and push your button!"

Scientist B.F. Skinner sits back and watches.

You behave right? Then here's your treat.

You mess up? Well, here's your punishment.

Not much of a life for a lab rat. Behavior-response. Behavior-response.

But you're ready to break the cycle, to escape before the experiment ends... before you're ended.

You'll need everything you've got -- everything your friends, family, and coworkers got -- if you're going to have any hope of unlocking the mystery of Skinners Box.

Skinner's Box is an escape room adventure, but is not scary.
Skinner's Box does require mobility to explore every aspect of the game, but all the essential elements are accessible for most people. Please Contact Us for details.